Computer Courses

Whether you’re looking to brush up your job skills or learn entirely new ones, Piedmont Community College has a computer training course for you! We offer basic computer and Microsoft Office courses in the classroom, as well as a wide variety of basic to advanced computer application courses online. Whatever your skill level, whatever your need, we offer a course that’s right for you.

All computer classes are held at the Business development Center, 105 North Main Street, Roxboro, NC


Computers for New Users

This course is designed for the brand new computer user. It will introduce you to the parts of a personal computer and some common computer terminology. You will learn general concepts that will help you work in a Windows environment on the computer. You will also practice using a mouse and keyboard. You will also learn the basics of sending, receiving, and replying to email messages using a webmail account. No prior computer knowledge is needed for the class, but a USB flash drive is required.
Sept. 18-Nov. 6, Tues., 9 a.m.-12 noon
Sept. 24-Nov. 19, Mon., 6:30-9:30 p.m.
Cost: $65 plus textbook


Microsoft Excel 2007—Intermediate


Want to know more about Excel than you already do? Then, this class is for you. You will utilize and extend your knowledge of Microsoft Excel, continue to develop the skills necessary for worksheet creation and analysis, work with formulas and number formats in spreadsheets, create multiple-sheet workbooks, and use clip art and pictures for visual interest. A working knowledge of Excel is suggested. A USB flash drive is required.
Tues., Sept. 18 - Nov. 6, 6-9 p.m.
Cost: $65 plus textbook



Microsoft Word 2010 Introductory

Learn to use Microsoft Word, concentrating on word processing for office use. Learn to create, edit, save, open and print documents; set up newsletters; work with long documents and tables, and incorporate graphics. A solid foundation in Windows, as well as a working knowledge of the computer, keyboard and mouse needed. A USB flash drive is required.
Tues., Oct. 31- Dec.5, 9 a.m.-12 noon
Cost: $65 plus textbook


Microsoft Excel 2010 Introductory

Need to solve numerical problems? Track numerical data? Excel is the program for you! Excelis an electronic spreadsheet. In the Excel class, we’ll introduce you to the terminology concepts and practical uses of an electronic spreadsheet. You’ll learn how to set up a basic spreadsheet,perform calculations using formulas and functions, and format the output for presentation purposes. Students taking this class should have a working knowledge of the computer keyboard and mouse. A USB flash drive is required.

Oct. 16-Nov. 6, Tues., 6:30-9:30 p.m.

Cost: $65 plus textbook


For more information or to register, contact us by calling (336) 599-0032 or e-mailing Kathleen at


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For online options, check out our Ed2go Online Course Catalog  and our companion site  PCC Online Courses. These courses can be taken at your convenience from your home, office or anywhere else with a connection to the Internet.