Ed2go Policies


Refunds for PCC's Education to Go (Ed2go) courses are made as follows: 100% if requested before a course begins or if the course is cancelled; 75% if requested after a course begins but before the second class is made available. Please note that for purposes of refunds, the official start date of the course is used regardless of the date you register. This policy is dictated by the North Carolina Legislature so we do not have flexibility in complying with it.

Repeating Courses

The North Carolina Legislature only allows for Occupational Extension (OE) courses to be repeated once within 5 years at the reduced tuition rate.  After that we must charge a higher rate that reflects the total cost of offering the course. 

For our Ed2go classes, the OE classes are the ones that cost $65. You are welcome to take a course 3 or more times. However, we are required to charge you at the higher rate of $78.  This is not shown on the registration page.  You will need to contact Kathleen at 336-599-0032 or Kathleen to register and arrange payment.