An Interactive Guide to Setting up a small business in: Person County, Caswell County, and throughout North Carolina
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Welcome Entrepreneurs!

Americans are by nature independent. Even before we became the United States of America and North Carolina, individuals who settled here started businesses. Today, hundreds of years later, small businesses are the heart of the American — and North Carolina's — economy. The American economic system, the number of opportunities in North Carolina, and the wealth of resources available to help small businesses, combine to make starting and maintaining a thriving business an achievable dream.

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If you are serious about starting a small business or expanding a business in Person County or Caswell County, as well as anywhere within North Carolina, this guide should get you started. This has been produced to assist those new to business ownership. However, it is designed to also be helpful to current growing businesses and those looking to relocate to this state. Whatever your level of experience, this guide provides information we hope you will find useful when doing business in North Carolina.

Lets get started!

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The vision of the North Carolina Small Business Center Network is to foster and support entrepreneurship, small business training and economic development in local communities.


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STEP ONE: Getting Started

STEP TWO: Operating a Business
STEP THREE: Business Plan
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