An Interactive Guide to Setting up a small business in: Person County, Caswell County, and throughout North Carolina
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North Carolina Community College System

The North Carolina Community College System has emerged as the third largest community college system in the nation and is recognized as the national leader for its support of economic workplace development.  It has been profiled in such publications as The Wall Street Journal and The Chronicle of Higher Education, benchmarked by educational institutions around the world, and recently ranked as providing the number one state-sponsored worker training program in the nation.

  • North Carolina has 59 community college institutions.
  • Over 99% of the state's population lives within 30 minutes of a community college campus.
  • Each year, one in six North Carolinians enrolls in a community college course.

For a list of North Carolina Community Colleges, click here.

The North Carolina Community College System is the national pioneer of customized industry training for new and expanding industries, and the number one ranked worker-training program in the United States . Our system offers training in a variety of industries, from auto parts and electronics manufacturers to bio-technology companies and data processing centers.

Through the Customized Training Program, administered by the North Carolina Community College System, companies creating 12 or more jobs in a year may receive free, customized training programs for their new employees.    


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The vision of the North Carolina Small Business Center Network is to foster and support entrepreneurship, small business training and economic development in local communities.


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