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Who is my customer?

1) Geographic Area (size)

Distance to my business that customers will travel or size of the area my business will service:

       1-5 miles      Statewide
       6-10 miles      Nationwide
       11-25 miles      International
       26-50 miles  

2) Customer's need for my product or service

My average customer will purchase my product or service: 

   Only once   Weekly     Monthly   Every 3 months  Every 6 months    Other:________

 3) Day and Time of Purchase

My average customer will purchase my product or service:

Various days and times
Mostly weekends
Mostly during the week
 On certain holidays: ______________________
During particular seasons:__________________
At particular times of day:__________________

4) Purpose of purchase:

My average customer will purchase my product or service mainly for:

Personal use
Home use
Business use
 For children
 For another family member
As a gift

 5) Description of my average customer

a) Age Range

       0-5 years-old      26-35 years-old
       6-10 years-old      36-50 years-old
       11-15 years-old      51-65 years-old
       16-20 years-old      66 and older
       21-25 years-old  

b) Sex

  Male      Female     Either

c) Occupation

Not relevant
Service Industry (Restaurants, Hotels, etc.)
Office Worker
Professional (Lawyer, Doctor, Accountant)
Health care  
Other: __________________________

d) Ethnicity of average customer (if relevant):___________________

e) Income

Not relevant
Greater than $100,000/year

e) Education

Not relevant
Some high school
High school graduate
Some college
College graduate
Advanced degree

e) Family Status

Single   Couple (no kids)   Couple (kids at home)   

Couple (grown kids)  Single (grown kids)   Not important

The Facts About my Customers:

According to the above information, my average customer will be from ____ to ____ years-old.

My customers will be Male, Female, Either (circle one).

Typical occupations of my customers include: ____________________________________


My typical customer's ethnic background (if relevant) is:_____________________________.

My customers average income range is from $____________ to $____________ per year.

My typical customer has the following education: __________________________________.

My average customer has the following family status:_______________________________.

There are approximately ___________ of my typical customers within my market area.

There are approximately ___________ competitors within my market area.

My average customer will purchase my product or service:__________________ (how often).

My customers will purchase my product or service mainly on _________________________
____________________________________ (list season, day of week, time of day, etc.)

The purpose of my customer's purchase will be: __________________________________.

Congratulations. Once you have completed this form, you should know a lot about your customers!

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